The Willys 'Jeep' is the best known jeep that is widely used in Second World War and was still in US service until the Vietnam War. The Jeep can be found in several Medal of Honor games, but mostly as a transportation vehicle that the player uses, while several models were mounted with a machine gun to protect its passenger.

Medal of Honor: Allied AssaultEdit

Appears in the first and third missions only. Has a more prominent role in Breakthrough. Sometimes, it is armed with an M1919 .30 cal Browning machine gun. In the first mission Major Grillo produces one with a machine gun which later was used to sabotage the german airfield. Later in Normandy Powell and Ramsey used one for easier transportation but unfortunately it was destroyed by german forces.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

The Willys Jeep can be found in the levels Seaside Stowaway and Nijmegen Bridge. In the first level, the player can use its machine gun to clear the area of Germans, while in the second level, it can only be seen behind Tarver.

Medal of Honor: Rising SunEdit

It can only be seen in a cutscene in the level Pistol Pete Showdown, as Gunny transports Brooks , Thomason, and Griffin to the jungle. It is never seen again in any other levels.

Medal of Honor: Pacific AssaultEdit

The Willys Jeep in Pacific Assault first can be seen in the training, where the Drill Sergeant follows Thomas Conlin and his squad during the obstacle course. Later Bobby McAfee drives one in Pearl Harbor . The Willys Jeep can be spotted in the main menu as well. 

Medal of Honor: AirborneEdit

The Willys Jeep first can be seen in the Training from the air. It's also appears in the end of The Opening, where it alongside some Sherman tanks crosses the Nijmegen Bridge. 

Medal of Honor: HeroesEdit

The Willys Jeep only appears on one level in the game. It can be found on the "Your Papers,Please" mission, or the "Netherland Streets" multiplayer level which is the multiplayer version of the mission.