General Wheaters was a U.S. Army general serving in the U.S. II Corps, who appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough. He serves as the player's commanding officer during the Battle of the Kasserine Pass (before being replaced by Fuches), and later joins the rescue team during the attack on the fortress in Bizerte Canal. He was later killed by a mortar shell which destroys his boat. 


"Listen up Baker, we gotta hold this line at Kasserine and we gotta do it NOW! This assault has been a complete mess! This is our chance to show Rommel what the USA can do! Look out!" *Drivers stops to let stretcher bearers pass* "Keep your eyes on the road, soldier! Someone get that man some medical attention!" *Points at man wrenching in pain* "Baker, we gotta get our minesweepers and tanks through the opening in the pass and take those Jerrys out. Air recon has spotted a large German base just through this pass. We need to know where the Krauts have stationed their artillery. We'll be rollin' blind in this storm - so unless we know exactly where they are, we don't stand a chance. This is it, go clear me a hole son! Give them hell Sergeant!"


  • Although his name is not mentioned, the game's files, as well as his multiplayer skin confirms his name as "Wheaters".
  • Some of his sound files were used by generic U.S. troops as part of their battle dialogue.

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