General Wheaters was a U.S. Army general serving in the U.S. 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division, who appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough. He serves as the player's commanding officer during the Battle of the Kasserine Pass (before being replaced by Fuches). 

Biography Edit

Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Rank General
Affiliations 34th Infantry Division, US Army
Nationality American
Status KIA
Death 1943. Bizerte Canals, Tunisia
Sex Male
Weapon M1 Garand

Kassarine Pass Edit

Wheaters accompanies Baker in a jeep during the Battle of Kassarine Pass. He briefs Baker about the situation, and orders him to push back the Germans.

Bizerte Canal Edit

Wheaters re-appers during the Battle of Bizerte Canal. Shortly after the bridge was destroyed, Wheaters along with Baker and a small squad of men tried cross the canal via boat. Unfortunatley Wheaters' boat got hit by a mortar round which killed him instantly.


"Listen up Baker, we gotta hold this line at Kasserine and we gotta do it NOW! This assault has been a complete mess! This is our chance to show Rommel what the USA can do! Look out!" *Drivers stops to let stretcher bearers pass* "Keep your eyes on the road, soldier! Someone get that man some medical attention!" *Points at man wrenching in pain* "Baker, we gotta get our minesweepers and tanks through the opening in the pass and take those Jerrys out. Air recon has spotted a large German base just through this pass. We need to know where the Krauts have stationed their artillery. We'll be rollin' blind in this storm - so unless we know exactly where they are, we don't stand a chance. This is it, go clear me a hole son! Give them hell Sergeant!"

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  • Although his name is not mentioned, the game's files, as well as his multiplayer skin confirms his name as "Wheaters".
  • Some of his sound files were used by generic U.S. troops as part of their battle dialogue.