Medal of Honor (2010)Edit

  • "Christ Rabbit, turn that shit off." - Voodoo's first words in First In.
  • "Shit, Four, four, you up?" - Voodoo to Rabbit after the car crash.
  • "Rabbit, get up! We gotta move!"
  • "Get away from the truck!"
  • "Mother, Mother! This is Voodoo! The follows down! Two, four on foot!"
  • "Fuck, don't they ever run out of those things?!" - Voodoo in Compromised, on enemy RPG.
  • "Ahhh! Fuck!" - Voodoo, after being nearly killed by a RPG blast.
  • "I'm okay. I fucking dislocated my shoulder." - Voodoo replying to Mother's question.
  • "Your almost there brother, your almost there, hang on" - Voodoo to Rabbit, before his death.
  • "Were losing him, Rabbit, Rabbit." - Voodoo's last words in Medal of Honor, during Rabbit's death.

Medal of Honor: WarfighterEdit

  • "We just saw the target headed your way." - Voodoo's first words in game.
  • "Mother, what the fuck is going on?!" - Voodoo to Mother after the P.E.T.N. explosion.
  • "Mother, Voodoo. Talk to me!"
  • "Stump, you're launching the boats." - Voodoo to Stump in Shore Leave cutscene.
  • "Roger. Gladiator One One." - Voodoo in the beginning of Shore Leave.
  • "Dingo, there goes our air support."
  • "Solid, Dingo. And we'll sneak in and hit the cache. It's smack dab right in the center of Pirate Town."
  • "Keep eyes on those structures."
  • "Sniper! Stump get up! - Voodoo to Stump in Shore Leave.
  • "You ready?" - Voodoo during a Dynamic Door Breach.
  • "Good call." - Voodoo during a Dynamic Door Breach.
  • "Working on it." - Voodoo to Wright on the sniper.
  • "Here's your line of sight. Drop the building. Turn it into a pile of rocks." - Voodoo to Stump on the sniper.
  • "Looks like it's on." - Voodoo during the MUSA's activation.
  • "Fuck Mother. We know. he only told us fifty times back in Manila."
  • "Mother, Voodoo. We're peeling off to betty, UAV is showing multiple personal with weapons on our grid."
  • "Thats fucked up, good thinking Stump." - Voodoo to Stump in Connect the Dots.
  • "What the fuck, what you doing here". - Voodoo to Preacher.
  • "For Mother, and for Rabbit." - Voodoo to Preacher in Shut it Down.
  • "Contact!" - Voodoo upon seeing The Cleric.
  • "I said on your knees! Do it now!" - Voodoo to The Cleric.
  • "Hands, show us your hands."
  • "Bomb" - Voodoo to Hassan's response, and last words in the game.

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