Verge of Death mode is a feature in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. When the player runs out of health they fall into verge of death mode, where the screen turns gray and the player can hear their heartbeat. They lose the ability to do anything, but a corpsman will try to come to aid the player. Should the player be cut off from friendlies whilst in this mode, a Japanese soldier may finish off the player by either impalement with a bayonet or sword, a shot to the head with a Nambu, or by stomping. If Conlin completely bleeds out, he will hear assorted quotes from people he knew, most prominently the drill instructor from boot camp, before Conlin dies. After he dies the player is prompted to reload from a previous save.

Conlin always enters Verge of Death if his health depletes while he is on foot on solid ground. If his health depletes while he is commandeering a vehicle or a gun emplacement he dies instantly.

Minigun firing

Gentlemen, listen up.
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