Up In Flames
Up in Flames Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Allies And Axis
St. Nazaire, France
Every Multiplayer mode except Face to Face, Blitzkrieg, and Artillery Flag.
Type of Combat
The Campaign level Map
Raid on St. Nazaire

Up In Flames is a medium-sized multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

It is playable on every gamemode except Face to Face, Blitzkrieg, and Artillery Flag.


On the night of March 27th, 1942, a shipload of British commandos smashed into a dock in St.Nazaire, France due to their cover being blown. The following battle that ensued would involve the entire ship yard and nearby town. One objective of theirs was to to blow up the fuel tank located inside. In front of the Nazi flag draped fuel tank, lies a large courtyard. The sky flashes from flak exploding in the night along with the combing of search lights. Along with the wind, the sounds of artillery and other gunfire echo through the air. Hopefully, by the end of this operation, the fuel tanks won't be the only things up in flames.

Despite being considered a medium-sized map, it is actually quite large. This map is also great for all types of combat; the catwalks and roofs make it good for snipers and rifles, along with the sightlines on the ground, the buildings make it good for SMGs, and the amount of buildings that you're able to shoot out of with deadly accuracy is good for Support Gunners. All in all, you can't go wrong with whatever class you choose on this map.

Pickup LocationsEdit

  • One Weapon Upgrade is located on the far left side of the map, closest to the Axis base in front of the smaller fuel tank. Another is on the opposite side of the map, closest to the Allies' base also in front of a smaller fuel tank.
  • The Bazooka is in the center of the map in between the pipelines in front of the bunker.
  • The Change Class Station is in between two more pipelines, closest to the Weapon Upgrade on the Allies' side.



  • There is a plume of smoke rising from behind the Allies' base. This could be from the HMS Campbeltown in the campaign mission.
  • The top platform on the fuel tank is inaccessible.
  • The warehouse by the Allies' base has a flickering light.
  • Much has changed from the campaign mission, such as there not being machine guns or a tunnel in the bunker.


Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Up in Flames Showcase02:36

Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Up in Flames Showcase

MoH-EA-Up In Flames Ambience01:41

MoH-EA-Up In Flames Ambience

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