In the mutliplayer portion of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and its expansions, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough, the player is issued various skins which he/her may wear during an online match. These skins are accessible via the "Multiplayer Options" sub-menu and the "Multiplayer" menu. These skins do not particularly aid the player during online matches, besides perhaps the camouflage of the skin and their environment. Most of the skins are based on uniforms seen in the games' campaigns, including the characters Joe Baylor, Manon Batiste and Jack Grillo.

Note, all Medal of Honor: Allied Assault skins (except Manon) are available in Spearhead and Breakthrough also.

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  • Axis

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  • The 101st Airborne skins in Spearhead has the 2nd Ranger insignia on their arm patch rather than the "Screamin' Eagles" symbol.
  • The player can get more skins in Breakthrough by installing the latest patch.
  • If one uses the third-person mode cheat in single player, he/she will see that the player's character uses the Allied Army skin.
  • All the Waffen-SS officer character models utilize the Heer Schirmmütze (officer cap), with the Knautschmütze used by the Wehrmacht forces rather than the Schutzstaffel's iconic Totenkopf.?
  • Hildebrandt's uniform is a mash. His uniform includes a Heer's General uniform (including Heer officer cap, red General stripes on the pants, General epaulettes, and General Waffenfarbe collar) despite the fact he was a Colonel in the Waffen-SS, and a Nazi Party armband which was worn exclusively by the SS.
  • The uniform of the 1st Panzer Regiment tanker is correct, except for the beret, which utilizes the? Knautschmütze instead of the Totenkopf.
  • The uniform of the Waffen-SS Officer is actually a recolored Army Officer, as there are no visible SS insignias on its uniform.

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