A Uniform is a multiplayer skin in Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Underground, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough and Medal of Honor (2010).

Medal of HonorEdit

In Medal of Honor, there are 25 multiplayer skins, both outlandish (e.g. Otto, Steven, Panzerknacker, Bismark, Noah), historically correct (e.g. Jimmy, Heinrich, Günther, Kurt, Manfred), and even real people (e.g. Wernher von Braun, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill).

The skins available are:

  1. Jimmy
  2. Robbie
  3. Heinrich
  4. Günther
  5. Manon
  6. Müller
  7. Bismark
  8. Felix
  9. Karl
  10. Kurt
  11. Egon
  12. Manfred
  13. Noah
  14. Jens
  15. Jürgen
  16. Otto
  17. Rosie the Riveter
  18. antirrhopus Steven
  19. Wernher von Braun
  20. William Shakespeare
  21. Winston Churchill
  22. Wolfgang
  23. Ulf
  24. Helmut
  25. Panzerknacker

Medal of Honor: UndergroundEdit

In Medal of Honor: Underground, there are 24 multiplayer skins as opposed to Medal of Honor's 21. It includes way more real life people as multiplayer skins.

The available skins are:

  1. Philippe Pétain
  2. Manon
  3. Marie Antionette
  4. Garçon
  5. Marcel
  6. Viktor
  7. Joan of Arc
  8. Cyrano
  9. Rick Blaine
  10. Rheinhold
  11. Jakob
  12. Daedalus
  13. Lothar
  14. Charles de Gaulle
  15. Max Schreck
  16. Erich
  17. Wild Bill
  18. Herbert
  19. Napoleon Bonaparte
  20. Olly
  21. Jimmy
  22. Panzerknacker
  23. Julia Child
  24. Schlagermeister

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault & ExpansionsEdit

See main article: Allied Assault Multiplayer Skins

In the mutliplayer portion of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and its expansions, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough, the player is issued various skins which he/her may wear during an online match. These skins are accessible via the "Multiplayer Options" sub-menu and the "Multiplayer" menu. These skins do not particularly aid the player during online matches, besides perhaps the camouflage of the skin and their environment. There are 23 skins in Allied Assault, 44 in Breakthrough and 36 in Spearhead.

Medal of Honor (2010)Edit

The available skins, apart from the default skins, are Airforce SERE specialist camouflage for the Spec Ops class, and two variants of an "assault" skin, normal and gold, available for the rifleman class. As the player advances in rank (after the "Tier 1 recruit" rank), the different skins change. These changes are purely aesthetic and do not affect gameplay.If you have key after Dr.pepper promotion,you can unlock Sniper skin.

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