The Type 97 is a Japanese sniper rifle used during the Second World War in the Pacific Theater of Operations. A bolt-action rifle, it is the counterpart to the American M1903/A5 Springfield, the standard issue sniper rifle in the American military. Unlike the '03, the '97 was not a common weapon in combat, the standard issue scoped rifles of Japan were regular Type 38s and 99 rifles fitted with scopes


In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, the Type 97 is a bolt-action sniper rifle, equipped with a telescopic optic. There is very little to no idle sway, making the rifle very accurate, possessing a higher damage rating than the M1903A5 Springfield. Added to this, it can be loaded with a 5-round stripper clip rather than individually loading each round, drastically decreasing reload times. This is due to the scope being positioned on the left side of the breach.

The Type 97 is used frequently by Japanese snipers, often hidden in palm trees or hidden positions. Because of its superior features, it is a worth while option in comparison to the M1903, often equipped by Tommy Conlin due to its superiority and the abundance of ammunition on the battlefield.