The Type 44 is a Japanese cavalry carbine is a bolt-action rifle which saw service during World War II. An updated version of the Type 38 Arisaka, the Type 44 was a shortened version with the addition of an integrated spike bayonet. About 92,000 were produced in comparison to the Type 38's 3,400,000.


The Type 44 is used by the Imperial Japanese Army and Naval Marine units during the Pacific Campaign. Although used less frequently than the Arisaka service rifle, the Type 44 is very common among Japanese troops, seen by Tommy Conlin all throughout his military service, from Makin Atoll to Tarawa Atoll. It is similar to the Arisaka in that it is a bolt-action, 6.5mm, 5-round rifle. However, it has less idle sway and muzzle drag in return for a slower bolt-action cycle. Its secondary attack is carried out by a spike-type bayonet. When Japanese soldiers rush the player, they often use this bayonet, thrusting towards Conlin and his squad mates.