The Type 11 light machine gun is a Japanese Light Machine Gun featured in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. An interesting aspect of the Type 11 was that it was designed to be loaded with the same rifle clips as the Type 38 rifle, which would be fed into the hopper magazine. When the weapon was fired, the magazine stripped the rounds out of their clips, feeding them into the barrel.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Edit


Several Type 11s appear mounted on bipods behind sandbag positions or on top of boxes. First seen in Fall of the Philippines, they prove to be useful for clearing out large numbers of opposing troops. However, the player must note that on most occasions using a mounted Type 11 will result in the appearance of several extra waves of enemies who would not otherwise have spawned had the player gone past the position.

When using one on a bipod, the Type 11 functions similar to the German MG42 in earlier games.

Unmounted Edit

Portable Type 11s are first usable during Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal, found to the right of the ambush truck, where player needs to cut the thick bushes to clear a path. They later appear in several other places during the campaign, such as at the very start of A Bridge on the River Kwai, located in a hidden weapon stash directly behind the player's initial starting point, and also later available next to a few boxes to the right of the train tracks. 


  • When on bipod, it has a very high rate of fire and produces a different sound to the portable one.
  • Like most other weapons, the Type 11 is also available for use in Rising Sun's multiplayer.