Training is a mission in Medal of Honor: Airborne. As its name says, it is training for the airborne. It has a very cinematic feel to it, as the player has very little control over the player by the time the game has cut to another scene.

The player jumps a total of three times. Each time, the player is instructed in the basics of the game, as well as the three different landing types. "Botched", where the player hits the ground hard and struggles to get up; "flared", where the player times the flaring of their chute; and "greased", where the player gets a running start. Each one is progressively faster, but getting a "greased" landing takes up a large amount of space.

If the player gets a "greased" landing on all three jumps, then they are rewarded with the Golden Wings award.

Background music Edit

"Unblocking Utah" (MoH: Airborne soundtrack)