Timothy Connor
TimConnorStuggling 0144
Appears in Medal of Honor: Frontline
Rank Private (No Insignia)
Affiliations 82ndAirborne 82nd Airborne Division
Status Deceased (Killed in action)
Death September 16, 1944

Kleveburg, Holland

Private Timothy Connor is a minor character in Medal of Honor: Frontline. He is seen in the mission 'Rough Landing'. He was in the 82nd Airborne Division.


Connor was ordered by the OSS to assist Corporal Barnes and Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson on their missions to eliminate the threat of German tanks in the area, and Patterson's personal mission to reach Kleveburg, Holland. He had little experience before Market Garden, but was an excellent Dutch translator and navigator. During the drop into Holland, his parachute gets caught on a windmill, and thinks nothing of it, asking Patterson to get him unhooked in a "playful" manner. He says, "Hey Jimbo, can ya gimme a hand?" However, before Jimmy could help, an unseen German sniper kills him. His body remained on the windmill and was never taken down by Barnes or Patterson.


  • It is impossible to spot and kill the German Sniper before he kills Connor.
  • You cannot save him from dying.
  • Contrary to the previous two posts, it actually is possible to save him. Unfortunately it does not affect the game, and the only way to save him is through entering cheat codes. Mohton torpedo, the sniper zoom and the rubber grenades cheats must be activated. When the mission starts stand next to the very first tree and don't go any further. If you pass it it will trigger the event.Once you're standing next to the tree, zooming along the tree line where the fire will come from you can see an enemy soldier standing in the trees. It will take about a minute but you will eventually see him moving. Next start throwing a grenade or two and see where it lands. The resulting explosion you will see his body fly and he is dead. Thereby saving Connor. Although it's frustrating, the only satisfying part about it you saved a teammate even though he isn't going to do anything to the game.