The Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (also commonly referred to as the Tiger tank) is a heavy tank used by Nazi Germany during World War II. In the series both the Tiger I and Tiger II ( King Tiger ) appears. The Tiger I first saw action in 1942 on the Eastern Front and later in North Africa. By 1944 the Tiger was feared by allied tank crews due to it's heavy armor and it's powerfull 8.8cm main cannon. However the Tiger was known for hard to maintain and expensive to produce. In 1944 the Tiger II ( commonly reffered to as the King Tiger ) was deployed on the Eastern Front. The King Tiger was used in significant numbers during the Ardennes Offensive.


Medal of Honor and UndergroundEdit

In the first game, the tank can be seen half-way during Search the Town, where it is guarded by 2 German soldiers. In the second game a destroyed Tiger can be found in Mission 7.

Medal of Honor: Allied AssaultEdit

In Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, a variant of the Tiger, the Tiger II, or King Tiger can be used. Tiger Is as well were fought in the game and in the expansion packs.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

In Medal of Honor: Frontline, a destroyed Tiger can be found in Seaside Stowaway. Some Tiger tanks can be seen on board transport cars of Sturmgeist's Panzerzug.

Medal of Honor: InfiltratorEdit

In Medal of Honor: Infiltrator, the Tiger can be driven in Mission 3. The Tigers were also fought in some missions.

Medal of Honor: European AssaultEdit

In Medal of Honor: European Assault, the Tiger is encountered in North Africa. The King Tigers first appear in the Battle of the Bulge.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard Edit

In Medal of Honor: Vanguard it is first fought in Operation Market Garden, and then in Operation Varsity, replacing the Panzer IV in Operation Neptune.

Medal of Honor: Airborne Edit

In Medal of Honor: Airborne it is fought in Saved By Sacrifice and The Opening. The player is tasked on destroying 3 of these tanks in Young Fools. It can only be destroyed with Gammon grenades, explosive charges, recoiless rifles, and Panzerschrecks.

Medal of Honor: Heroes Edit

In Medal of Honor: Heroes the King Tiger appears only as a background prop instead of an enemy. It can be seen in a few levels where it provides good cover.



  • The Tiger seen in Search the Town was originally going to be an enemy.
  • In Medal of Honor: Infiltrator and Airborne, the tanks seen all have the models of a Tiger tank regardless that some are referenced to as Panzers, (this is most notable in how there is absolutely no difference between the models used for the tanks in the game, and how the models are closest to that of a Tiger instead of a Panzer) this is because the Tiger was, in fact, Panzer VI after Panzer V (Panther), which was next in line to the Panzer IV.
  • In Medal of Honor: Airborne, it is possible to hear screams coming out of the tank when it is destroyed.
  • In Medal of Honor: Airborne, it is possible to get on top of some 'live' Tiger tanks by jumping onto their side and then the turret (or simply parachuting on it when possible). The player will be safe from the tank as long as they are on the turret since the cannon and gunner cannot hit the player. When the player is on the turret, the Tiger's main gun will sometimes attempt to shoot at the player by pointing at an abnomarly elevated angle.
  • It is the first tank to appear in the series (see above).
  • The Tiger seems to be the main tank for the German forces in Medal of Honor: Vanguard. This is inaccurate as Panzer IVs were much more common during World War II. Also the tank was referred as a main battle tank in the game, which is incorrect.