Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Rank Private
Affiliations 164px-1 Ranger Battalion Shoulder Sleeve Insignia.svg 1st Ranger Battalion

Ranger Rescue Team

Status Deceased
Death November 7, 1942

Arzew, Algeria

Weapon M1 Garand
Private Thomas was a member of Lieutenant Mike Powell's Ranger squadron, and member of the 1st Ranger Battalion.


Thomas was a member of a squad of soldiers under Captain Richards assigned on a rescue mission. Detached from the rest of the Ranger Battalion, they were to rescue SAS agent Major Jack Grillo and aid him in completing his previous mission, which was to destroy the 88mm batteries covering Arzew Harbor. To this end, Richards acquired two Opel trucks to sneak into the town.

Unfortunately, after an incident at a security checkpoint just outside town, the squad was forced to continue on foot as their cover had been blown. Just short of the town proper, they were ambushed by an MG42 gunner and several Afrika Korps soldiers, including a Panzershrek. When Lieutenant Powell killed the MG42 gunner, he stayed in the courtyard as he and Private Wilson went into the building with him. He was killed along with Captain Richards shortly after Powell manned the MG42.