The Show is the second mission in the Medal of Honor: Airborne campaign, taking place during Operation: Avalanche.

Overview Edit

This mission is set in a series of Roman ruins occupied by the Wehrmacht. Overall, the map is large, and very open. The majority of the fighting will be done at medium to long range. There are trenches and buildings which will yield medium-short distance fighting. The final part of the mission, the advance on the hilltop temple, will be largely medium-range fighting in a very linear fashion, uphill. Once at the top, the linear fashion will be replaced by medium-long range fighting with very little cover.

Mission objectives Edit

  • Secure Paestum Ruins
  • Sabotage Fuel Containers (2)
  • Destroy Ammo Cache
  • Sabotage Enemy Communications
  • Disable Communications Antenna
  • Disable Communications Radio
  • Assemble with 5th Army Demo Team
  • Defeat Enemy Ambush
  • Assemble with Corporal Kish
  • Destroy Hilltop Artillery
  • Ascend to Hilltop Temple

Skill drops Edit

  • In the amphitheater, on top of the cargo loader.
  • Near the western drop flare, there's a large column, one must land on top of it.
  • Near the eastern drop flare, look along the aqueduct that lines the road to spot a parachute and land through the opening there.
  • In the fuel depot where the player destroys the fuel reserves, there's a water tower, where one must land.
  • To the west of the ammo depot that you destroy, there's an easy-to-miss set of stonework excavations. If the player sticks to the top of it, they can find a parachute. One must land through the opening in the ceiling.

Enemies Edit

Standard European Heer Infantry and Heer Officers are found here. They wield Gewehr 43 rifles and MP40 submachine guns. This is also the first appearance of the Waffen infantry.

Weapons Edit

The available weapons are the same as the first mission, except with the replacement of the Karabiner 98 Kurz with the Gewehr 43 and the introduction of the M12 Shotgun.

  • MP40 submachine gun

Background music Edit

  • "Emmerich Station" (General Background) (MoH: Frontline)
  • "Dropping Into Nijmegen" (MoH: Airborne)
  • "Defusing the Charges" (MoH: Airborne)
  • "Gunfight in the Ruins" (MoH: Airborne)
  • "Panzer Blockade" (MoH: Underground)
  • "Paestum Landing" (MoH: Airborne)