The Schmerzen Express is the fourth level in the mission Return to Fort Schmerzen, the sixth and final mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


The Schmerzen Express - Siegfried Line, Germany
January 18, 1945

Excellent work, Powell. By cutting off the main communications center in the town, there's no way for reinforcements to be called in time to save Fort Schmerzen. You've entered a public park, where opposition should be fairly light. Chances are you'll be able to get through without much trouble. The train station however, is a much more difficult nut to crack. It's covered by machine gun towers overlooking the cargo yard and the tracks themselves.

This station is the rendezvous point, but there are a few details to take care of first. Before the squad can join you, you'll have to cut the power to the electrified perimeter fence so that they can get through it. The power will go out briefly in the main building, and draw some of their troops out to investigate. Get into the station building, find a radio, and use it to send out a false order so that the incoming train will make a stop at the station. When the train arrives, it will be trivial to eliminate the engineer and have one of the Rangers commandeer the train.

You're almost there, Lieutenant. Good luck!

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Locate and enter train station.
  • Cut the power to the electric fence.
  • Send radio communication.


Background music Edit

  • "Attack on Fort Schmerzen" (MoH soundtrack)