The Rooftops of Dachsmag is the second level in the mission Scuttle Das Boot U-4901, the third mission in Medal of Honor.


The Rooftops of Dachsmag

28 June 1944

Now that you've made it off the Wolfram and disposed of that soiled uniform, your next priority is to locate the weapons we clandestinely shipped as part of the cargo bound for Dachsmag.

After that, find the facility's deployment timetable -- we want an idea of what's is going in and out of Bremen's busy port. They usually keep the list dockside, in the Harbor Master's office.

We also want you to disrupt as much of the shipyard as you can. Blow up at least one of the port's cargo trucks. with your demolition charges.

Be careful, Patterson, as you work your way through the U-boat production facility. The dockworkers here have a rough and salty reputation -- they don't take kindly to strangers. Try to engage them from afar with your sniper rifle.

The front of the U-boat production facility is crawling with guards, so that's why we're sending you in the back way. You may have to engage in some acrobatic jumping and even a little tightrope walking to get from one building to another, but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle.

Being a former pilot, you're not afraid of heights... are you?


  • Locate Smuggled Weapons
  • Secure Deployment Timetable
  • Blowup Truck with Demo Charges
  • Find Hatchway to Production Facility



Obtained LaterEdit


Jimmy's next mission is to reach the production facility itself. He finds the smuggled weapons and blows up the cargo truck, disrupting the shipyard. Patterson kills many dockworkers and dockguards, and secures the timetable. Eventually he finds the hatch leading to the facility and goes down it, and into a shaft.


  • The large ship near the first cargo truck is the Wolfram.
  • If player didn't pick up the MP-40 submachine gun in earlier level,Escape the Wolfram, he will, oddly, start the level with the Walther P38 with no bullets.
  • Also, if the player didn't blow up the first truck or secure the timetable that is in the harbor master's office, he can pick up another timetable in empty garage and destroy another truck (guard and the worker are talking next to it).
  • As stated in mission objectives, destroying either one of the 2 trucks is sufficient to complete the mission. However, destruction of the 2nd truck is a must if the player wants to achieve 3-star rating. The 2nd truck itself actually won't count, but the respawned enemies triggered by its destruction is all that matters. As in the rest of the game, (scripted) respawned enemies always count for the "95% killing rate" criteria required for "excellent" rating.

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The U-Boat + Ambientation 2

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The U-Boat + Ambientation 2