The Rescue Mission is the second level in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, in the mission Lighting the Torch.


The Rescue Mission - Algeria, North Africa
November 7, 1942

Even the best planned missions can go awry. That incident at the checkpoint has so far cost us the lives of your entire squad but it must not prevent you from completing the mission.

We received our agent's last message near the town of Arzew, which is built around a desert fort now occupied by the Germans. If our agent was indeed captured, there's a good chance he'll be held somewhere in the town and interrogated. His original exfiltration plan was quite detailed, so he'll have a few ideas about how to get you to safety. With any luck, you'll be able to help him complete his mission, which is to destroy the 88mm guns covering the harbor.

Locate our agent. We've only been out of contact with him for less than a week, and once the Germans realize who our agent is, they'll probably have him sent to Berlin for a full 'interrogation.' We expect that they'll keep him safe and sound until then. As a Major, he'll assume command of the mission once you've freed him. He knows the territory and the best escape routes, so cover his back and pay attention to his orders.

This won't be an easy one. Good luck.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Find and rescue the SAS Agent.
  • Follow the SAS Agent.
  • Steal explosives from the fortress.
  • Use explosives to escape.
  • Use explosives to destroy a Flak88.
  • Meet Grillo by the gate and exfiltrate.



Obtained LaterEdit

  • MP-40 (If you don't already have one or a Thompson)

Background music Edit

  • North Africa (MoH: Allied Assault soundtrack)