The Opening is the fourth Medal of Honor: Airborne campaign mission, taking place during Operation: Market Garden. The player airdrops into a section of Nijmegen, Holland, with a church, which is near a large bridge that the player must secure.

Overview Edit

The mission takes place in the town of Nijmegen, where combat ranges from medium-long range outdoor fighting to intense close quarter indoor fighting. Then, the mission progresses to underneath the bridge and finally, the bridge itself. On the bridge and underneath the bridge poses medium range fighting with little cover.

Mission objectives Edit

  • Sabotage Bridge Demolitions Equipment
  • Disable Explosives Plunger
  • Disable Radio Equipment
  • Secure Town of Nijmegen
  • Collect Gammon Grenades
  • Knock out Roving Tiger Tank
  • Clear MG Nests (3)
  • Clear Resistance and Assemble with Airborne
  • Knockout Tiger Tank
  • Assemble With Airborne at Bridge Surface
  • Clear and Secure Bridge
  • Knockout Tiger Tank

Skill drops Edit

  • There's one near the church steeple, on a platform just outside.
  • In between the buildings to the south that house two of the MG nests, there's a small plank connecting two of them. Land on the plank.
  • In the same buildings as above, head to the easternmost building and go upstairs. There's a parachute in the northwestern corner of the building, near a large hole in the wall. Land inside the hole.
  • On the northern side of the city, near the demolitions equipment, there's a large alleyway leading north. Spot the chute hanging down to the street, and land in the balcony above it.
  • In a building near the radio equipment, there's one last parachute.

Enemies Edit

In this mission, the player encounters Waffen infantry and is introduced to two new enemies: the Fallschirmjaeger infantry and the deadly Panzergrenadier.

Weapons Edit

This mission introduces two new weapons, the Panzerschreck rocket launcher and the powerful Gammon grenades. Also, the Browning Automatic Rifle can be found here, and the StG-44 seems to have replaced the MP40.

Trivia Edit

Background music Edit

  • "Arnhem" (MoH: Frontline)
  • "The Rowhouses" (MoH: Frontline)
  • "Border Town" (MoH: Frontline)
  • "After the Drop" (MoH: Frontline)
  • "Manor House Rally" (MoH: Frontline)
  • "Wreckage of Nijmegen" (MoH: Airborne)
  • "Defusing the Charges" (MoH: Airborne)
  • "Last Rites" (MoH: Underground)
  • "The Halftrack Chase" (MoH: Frontline)
  • "Beneath The City" (MoH: Underground) On the bridge