The Nebelwerfer Hunt is the third and last level in the mission Operation Overlord, the third mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


The Nebelwerfer Hunt - Normandy, France
June 7, 1944

Good job on taking out those 88's. Now, here's exactly what you're looking for. This photo from our files shows a six-barreled rocket projector called the Nebelwerfer 41. When grouped into batteries, they can be devastating, smashing targets with barrages of explosive rockets. One such battery is defending an approach to Carentan, and the Germans could easily shift it to a less vulnerable position further south at any time. We can't let this happen. This is as good a chance as we're going to get to take away some of their best firepower in the area. Success here will save many soldiers' lives in the fight towards the town of St. Lo.

The only approach to the Nebelwerfer battery is through a small town. You'll know you're near the site when you see the large church on the outskirts. The battery is located in a field defended by many MG-42 positions; use the sniper rifle to pick off the crews from a distance before moving in. Once you've captured the location, plant explosives onto the Nebelwerfers and take cover!

This won't be an easy mission, but I'm confident you'll be up to the task. Good Luck, Lieutenant.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Locate and destroy the Nebelwerfers.



Obtained LaterEdit


  • Even if you save Private Durden and Private Cobb in the previous level, they won't be joining you in this one.
  • If Captain Ramsey survives the level, he'll congratulate you on doing "nice work".

Background music Edit

  • "Passage to Iraklion" (MoH: Underground soundtrack)