The MOH Experience Part 6: Danger Close is the last installment in a series of trailers released for Medal of Honor (2010) showcasing unedited gameplay from its singleplayer and multiplayer modes before its release to show players what they could expect when playing this game once it came out.


This trailer shows gameplay from the mission Belly of the Beast from the viewpoint of Army Ranger Dante Adams, the automatic rifleman of his squad. The part of the mission being shown is where Adams' squad has to take out a heavily fortified DShK that is pinning them down. To do that, the squad leader, Jim Patterson, has to get close enough to throw a red phosphorous grenade for close air support to see in order for them to fire on the target. This requires Adams to suppress the HMG gunner with his M249 as the rest of his squad moves up closer to the HMG. The trailer ends once the DShK gets destroyed by a JDAM from the close air support.


Here at EA, we want to make sure our fans know that we're listening. That's why we we've created The MOH Experience, a series of uncut, unedited single player and multiplayer videos we've put together to show our audience what they can expect when Medal of Honor launches on October 12th.


  • This was the first gameplay trailer released for the game that featured the crouch-slide maneuver that was exclusive to its singleplayer mode as it had not been shown in any other trailers beforehand.

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