The MOH Experience Part 3: High Value Target is the third installment in a series of trailers released for Medal of Honor (2010) showing unedited gameplay from the game's singleplayer and multiplayer modes before its release to show players the moments that they should expect once they got to play the game.


This trailer features gameplay from a Combat Mission match on the map Mazar-I-Sharif Airfield as Python 1 tries to take the airfield from the OpFor's control. The gameplay is shown from the point of view of a Python 1 Special Ops using the M4A1 Carbine. In the beginning, they are tasked with destroying a barrier blocking the path of the M3A3 Bradley escorting them to the airfield. They then must destroy a door to one of the hangars by planting a charge on it. The trailer ends just as Python 1 starts to secure the yard on the other side of the hangar. The Score Chains featured in the trailer include the Missile Attack and the FMJ Ammo.


Here at EA, we want to make sure our fans know that we're listening. That's why we we've created The MOH Experience, a series of uncut, unedited single player and multiplayer videos we've put together to show our audience what they can expect when Medal of Honor launches on October 12th.

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