The Hunter's Den
Previous level The Rooftops of Dachsmag
Next level Dive!
Game Medal of Honor
Character Jimmy Patterson
Weapons MP-40
M1903/A5 Springfield
Walther P38
Place Dachsmag U-boat facility, Bremen, Germany
Date June 28, 1944
Enemies Kriegsmarine Sailor
Kriegsmarine Offcer

The Hunter's Den is the third level in Scuttle Das Boot U-4901. It takes place on June 28, 1944, in Bremen, Germany.


The Hunter's Den

28 June 1944

The production facility is full of things that can explode, so be careful where you shoot—and be mindful of where you're taking cover while under enemy attack.

U-4901 is truly a monster. They had to build a special dry dock at the edge of the facility just to construct it.

A source we have within the production office says that they're only a couple of hours away from launching the sub for its first sea trial. You must be on board as it heads out into open water—other the mission will have been for nothing.

You'll come across different U-Boats in various stages of construction. Keep going until you hit the last sub—that's U-4901. It's by far the biggest boat in the yard. You'll know it when you see it.

I also have it on good authority from our source that despite the grime and filth of the production floor, the foreman who builds the sub engines insists on using one of those expensive, fancy rolltop desks...


  • Find U-4901's Engine specs
  • Procue Its Hull blueprints
  • Destroy the facility's Sea Door controls So that they can't Launch a Pursuing Sub
  • Locate and Board U-4901



In order to board U-4901, Patterson must first wreak havoc within the production facility at Dachsmag. He steals blueprints, specs, and destroys sea door controls before boarding the monster U-4901 itself, only minutes before it launches out into the sea.

Music Edit

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The U-Boat + Ambientation 304:41

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The U-Boat + Ambientation 3

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