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The logo of The Golden Lion, a lion's head on a crest.

De Gouden leeuw (Dutch for The Golden Lion) was a bar located in the city of Kleveburg, Holland. It was known as a social area to German soldiers and Gestapo when they were on their break for the night. The bar contained a piano, a balcony on the back of the building, and even a wooden model of the panzerknacker, a minor character that has made appearances in Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground. German soldiers often get so drunk at the pub that they can barely walk, and bar fights there are more than common. Not very many civilians attend the bar because the German officials became too disrespectful even too act racist towards them and banning them from the bar, with the exception of a civilian janitor. Apparently it is easy to slip past security, for example, the civilian janitor was a Dutch Resistance informant working with Jimmy Patterson, a man who would in 1944 infiltrate the pub in order to get to a private rally in a manor house in Kleveburg. The fate of the bar is unknown, but it could have been liberated or even bombed by the Allies in late 1944 or even 1945.


The exterior of the pub, complete with a Swastika flag to note it was for German officials only.


An example of a bar fight at the Golden Lion Pub.


  • During the level in Medal of Honor: Frontline, the guards at the staircase call Jimmy Patterson "a Dutch dog" this being an example of racism towards the Dutch citizens at the pub. Even though this is kind of strange because Jimmy is wearing a German officer's uniform and has German papers, also the guard on the left has an M1 Garand instead of a Kar98.

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