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The End of the Line
Medal of Honor: Underground
Manon Batiste
Gewehr 43

Stg-44 Panzerfaust Petrol Bomb

Metro Station beneath Paris, France
August 22, 1944
Get Train Schedule

Unlock Train Doors Divert First Train Track Divert Second Train Track

Waffen-SS Heavy
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The End of the Line is the fourth and final level of the mission Liberation!, as well as the final story level of Medal of Honor: Underground, followed by the non-canon mission Panzerknacker Unleashed!.


The End of the Line

August 22, 1944

There was a traitor among us!

We have been plagued with turncoats since the beginning of the resistance. It enrages me how many men and women are willing to sell their country and their soul for a few German Reichmarks.

No matter how carefully you screen the agents' backgrounds, a double agent always seems to sneak through the ranks.

Right now, however, you have a train to catch. The demolition squad is scheduled to arrive in Paris any moment. If that weren't enough, a trainload of explosives capable of leveling every monument in Paris is being brought in on another train at the same time.

You will need to get a hold of a train schedule to find exactly which trains are arriving where, and then high tail it over to the station where the trains are due to arrive.

If you're really creative, perhaps you can find a way to see to it those soldiers and their explosives never see the light of day. This is the big one, Manon. We're depending on you to help us preserve Paris' proud history.

The war is nearly over, and if we can diffuse the threat of this final German treachery, we will be that much closer to returning to our families and our lives. Do it for your brother, Manon. Do it for all of us.

Bonne chance, et vive La Resistance!


  • Get Train Schedule
  • Unlock Train Doors
  • Divert First Train Track
  • Divert Second Train Track

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