The Crucible is the ultimate mission in Medal of Honor: Vanguard and the last mission in Operation Varsity. It is also the longest mission in the game. It begins directly after mission "Endgame".


After Keegan and US paratroopers clear the trench complex in industrial area across river Rhine, they come to a devastated factory complex. When they enter, many of Keegan's squadmates get killed so Keegan continues going through the factory full of German forces. After he destroys a Tiger tank with M9A1 Bazooka and breaks into another building, German forces start to think more of US soldiers are coming and retreat. Keegan destroys an AA gun and enters an underground trench tunnel complex where it's possible to pick up a scope for M1 Garand rifle.

Keegan reunites with his squadron after he escapes the tunnels. They then go to a field full of German snipers. Keegan crawls through the field by going under ruins, and defeats the snipers. Surviving soldiers then escape the factory but soon realize German counterattack is coming. German Fallschirmjager infantry attack with support of tanks from all sides of the factory.

When the huge counterattack ends, German forces start retreating back to the hills where they came from. US airplanes start appearing on the sky and Keegan's squad comment they haven't seen anything more beautiful, and Operation Varsity ends.

Upgraded Weapon LocationEdit

Near the end of underground tunnels, player can find scope extension for M1 Garand. It will make sniper objective easier as it's less difficult to take them out with the scope.



  • This is considered to be the most difficult mission in the game due to the sniper field objective and long intervals between checkpoints.