The Command Post is the third and last level in the mission Behind Enemy Lines, the fourth mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


The Command Post - Normandy, France
June 22, 1944.

Très bien, Powell! While the enemy is busy with the mess you left behind, you'll have time to finish the mission. But be careful! The area is still well guarded, and you'll have to choose your fights carefully. You'll get a Winchester Riot Shotgun for this mission; I hope Henri - your driver - remembered to give you some extra shells to go with it. It should prove quite useful indoors. The inner gate to the estate is quite heavily defended, so I advise you to take some time to see if there are other ways to get past it quietly. Once you're past the inner gate, send a false communique by radio to direct a shipment of Kar 98K rifles to Courson. Of course, the Resistance will intercept the shipment before it actually gets there. Next, you need to find any maps with their battle plans for the St. Lo region. Finally, there should be a troop and supply manifest that will show exactly what they are deploying to this area.

We're still not sure whether that new heavy tank Colonel Hargrove mentioned is in the compound or not. It should be quite obvious, as it will be quite larger than the standard Tiger or Panzer tank. If you see one, try to find some documentation. Once you have everything, get to the stone bridge past the front gate. I'll have a vehicle ready to pick you up. Prepare for heavy resistance after you get past the fence. This is not a stealth mission-- you won't be able to keep your presence secret once you get to the Manor House, so I expect you'll have to neutralize quite a large number of the enemy to complete your mission. Je vous verrai bientôt!



  • Infiltrate the perimeter.
  • Send the false communique.
  • Steal the troop manifest.
  • Steal the battle plans.
  • Gather any intelligence on the new Tiger tank.
  • Escape and meet up with Manon.


Background music Edit

  • "Among the Dead" (MoH: Underground soundtrack)