The Bridge is the third and last level in the mission Day of the Tiger, the fifth mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


The Bridge - Brittany, France
August 20, 1944

So far, so good Lieutenant. The Germans at the bridge have certainly been informed of the stolen King Tiger, so you won't be able to drive the tank to the bridge right away. This photo from our Resistance agents shows the bridge wired to blow at a moment's notice from a small detonator on the opposite side. As the team's lone sniper, you'll have to move in quietly, find a good position overlooking the bridge, and keep the enemy from using that detonator until the tank can move into position. If you're spotted during your approach, you'll have to chase down and kill any of the sentries before they can run off and blow the bridge.

Once the King Tiger reaches the bridge, the Germans will undoubtedly call in reinforcements. The King Tiger is tough, but it can't stop all of them. Use your radio to call artillery strikes on incoming tanks, and remember that it takes a few seconds for the shells to arrive. Hold off the German counterattack until friendly forces arrive to secure the area. If we can win this battle, the German presence in France will be all but finished by mid-September.

You've got your work cut out for you, Powell. Good hunting!

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Sneak in and find a high position overlooking the bridge.
  • Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.
  • Use the high vantage point to call in artillery strikes. You may have to use multiple buildings to cover all the approaches to the bridge.
  • Destroy the enemy King Tiger.


Background music Edit

  • "Sniper town" (extract only) (MoH: Allied Assault soundtrack)
  • "Panzer Blockage" (MoH: Underground soundtrack)