Terry Lyndon
Appears in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations British 8th Army
Nationality British
Status Alive/KIA (Depends on the player's actions)
Sex Male
Weapon Vickers-Berthier

Lieutenant Terry Lyndon is a minor character featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough. He is a member of the British 8th Army.  


Caltagirone and GelaEdit

Lyndon first appears at the end of the level: Caltagirone Airport where he picks up Sgt.Baker after he sabotaged the Italian fighter planes. Together they began their way to Gela to assist the 82nd Airborne. On the way they got ambushed by a P.40 tank which destroyed their Jeep. Lyndon told Baker that he hid a Bazooka in a small house. Baker was able to find the Bazooka and took out the tank. Without transport they continued their way on foot. On their way they found a crashed Glider where they were able to resupply. Shortly after they found a sqaud of 82nd Paratroopers and together they were able to capture Gela.


  • He uses Jack Grillo's head model.
  • His name may or may not be a reference to the Stanley Kubrick film, Barry Lyndon.
  • After destroying the tank, Lyndon can die at any point.
  • If Lyndon reaches the vineyard (just before the town) he dosen't follow Baker. This also true to the rest of the 82nd paratroopers.