Captain Tarver is a member of the 82nd Airborne Division featured in Medal of Honor: Frontline.



The night before the the 82nd Airborne Division secured the city of Nijmegen, Tarver, a captain in the 82nd, brought Jimmy Patterson to Nijmegen Bridge in a Willys jeep. Once at the base of the bridge, he ordered Patterson to defuse the bombs being assembled beneath the bridge, along with clearing out enemy machine gun emplacements, and destroying an anti-aircraft gun that had been shooting down American planes. Patterson is ordered to do this without the help of Tarver, and he is never seen again in-game.


"Jimmy, we've got good reason to believe Nijmegen bridge is rigged to blow, and seeing you've got no choice but to cross her tonight, how 'bout you go ahead and disarm a few of those detonators for your new pal Tarver, huh? "

-- Tarver ordering Patterson to disarm the bombs under Nijmegen bridge.

"Good. I'll take your silence for a yes. Go get 'em sport."

-- Tarver to Patterson after he wouldn't respond to Tarver's orders.

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