Supercarrier Sabotage is the ninth and final mission in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.



  • Open Vents (8)
  • Destroy Fuel Monitors (4)
  • Break Fuel Valves (4)
  • Locate Gold
  • Sink Ship


  • Send False Radio Transmission
  • Find Imperial Orders (3)

Briefing Info

Sabotage the supercarrier by opening all the circulation vents below decks, and then opening the fuel valves on the engineering deck. Make sure to disable the fuel monitoring stations so the sabotage will go undetected.

Historical InfoEdit

Japan was quick to grasp that aircraft carriers, not battleships, were the key to domination of the Pacific. However, combat losses were high, especially in pivotal battles like Midway, where four carriers were lost. In response, Japan started a program of supercarriers with armored decks, theoretically able to withstand external damage far better than normal carriers.

Weapons Edit

Sten Mark II

Type 99 LMG (Obtained)

Entrenching Tool locationEdit

In the room before the 4th vale room is,there is a row of locker.Player will find that one of the locker is shaded darker than the other.Press the Action button infront of it to unlock the Immortality cheat.When this cheat is enable,player will completely suffer no damage from bullet,grenade and even from Katana slash.


In the second hangar area,just to the left from the hangar control tower (if player facing back at the first hangar area) there will be a net covering the entrance.Press the Action button and it reveal several ammo boxes for Sten Mark II and T99 in it.


  • When you enter the kitchen where one of the chefs throws knives at you, enter the attached pantry. Look on the shelves. Despite being a Japanese ship, the boxes say "Cereal" in English.
  • The Japanese ship you are on bears a similar resemblance to the HIJMS Taihō.
  • The aircraft on the carrier appear to be A6M Zeros, B5N Kates and a D3A Val.
  • This is the only mission to feature the T-99.
  • The chef who throws knives at you is more of a homage to the Malevolent Chef from Medal of Honor: Frontline.
  • When on board the ship, you can destroy all planes on the deck, but when you are in the stolen aircraft, the planes on deck take longer to destroy, even though the aircraft's machine gun fires faster and larger rounds. Even in the slow-motion cutscene, all planes apparently do not get destroyed by the heavy explosion.
  • When Bromley plants the explosive, if the player takes a closer look at it, they can see "TNT EXPLOSIVE V2 NET" written.
  • It is possible to shoot Shima and his wingmen, as well as Donnie, but they will suffer no damage. Their planes are also invincible.
  • If the "Invisible Soldiers" cheat is activated, Donnie will still appear, indicating that he is programmed into the level not as a character, but as part of the setting.
  • The plane on the elevator where Shima is cannot be destroyed regardless of how many rounds are shot at it.
  • There is no two player campaign mission for this level. Instead, it ends at A Bridge on the River Kwai.
  • The ambience that plays after you pass out in the gold room is the same as the multiplayer map Battleship Raiders.