Storming Fort Schmerzen is the fifth and final level in the mission Return to Fort Schmerzen, the sixth and final mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Storming Fort Schmerzen - Siegfried Line, Germany
January 18, 1945

Lieutenant Powell, the Rangers in your squad are some of the Allies' finest soldiers, and until now, their talents and training have been wasted on frontline charges and terrible attrition strategies. The Rangers started out as the United States' answer to the British Commandoes, and I'm glad to say that we're going to go back to those roots with this mission.

When the boxcar doors open, rush the platform and kill the snipers in the towers before they can react. Head inside and unlock the main cellblock doors to free any POWs. While they're being moved to the train, locate the various structural weak points identified from diagrams and photos collected earlier by Patterson. Use your compass to navigate to these spots. At the lowest levels of the facility, mustard gas may still be present. You should procure a gas mask before heading down there.

Plant the charges and get back to the train before the place collapses in on itself. When it does, Colonel Müller and whatever corrupt, desperate plans he was carrying out will be buried forever. Best of luck to you and your team, Powell. No matter what happens, I consider myself honored and privileged to have served with you.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Snipe the tower guards and avoid excessive casualties.
  • Unlock the cell block and free the POWs.
  • Plant the explosives on the fuel control valves.
  • Open the main fuel line valve.
  • Find a way into the inner facility.
  • Acquire a gas mask.
  • Make your way to the lower level.
  • Open the main gas valves.
  • Plant the explosives.
  • Return to the elevator.
  • Escape Fort Schmerzen.


Background music Edit

  • "Schmerzen" (MoH: Allied Assault soundtrack)