Stage Fright
Stage Fright Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Axis & Allies
Crete,Greece (speculation)
All except Artillery Flag.
Type of Combat
Close Quarters/Medium Range

Stage Fright is a small multiplayer map in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

It is playable on every gamemode except Artillery Flag.


This map takes place in a small, ancient ampitheatre somewhere directly on the coast of Greece. Situated by the beach, this is a relic full of beauty: carved statues, intricate designs on the floors and walls, amazing architecture; once a place that entertained crowds centuries ago--now in ruins. Statues, pillars, and the seats themselves fall apart more and more each day. At the top of the brick stairs now sits a generator and the large radio antenna it powers. This place is now an outpost used by the German war machine and, unlike the actors that once performed here, stage fright is the least of your worries.

This map is good for SMGs and Rifles, because of the hallways and cramped spaces. Sniper rifles aren't recommended (unless you are able to defend the very top of the seats while you wait for people to appear). However, if you're able to jump on the wall by the footpath at the Axis base, you can get a good look at one of the spawn points in Deathmatch.

Pickup LocationsEdit

  • The Bazooka is located at the very top of the seats.
  • A Weapon Upgrade is located in a room in the ground level hallway underneath the seats. It's right in between the entryways on the right.
  • The Change Class Station is located by the far left exit of the Allies' base.

Objective LocationsEdit

Face to FaceEdit

  • The Axis objective is located in the Allies' base on the munitions box by the radio.
  • The Allies' objective is located on the power box on the radio antenna in the Axis base.


  • The first flag is located in the center of the balcony.
  • The second and third flags are located at each end of the breezeway behind the seats.

King of the HillEdit

  • The flag is located on the very top of the seats.


  • The flags share the same spawns as in Blitzkrieg.


  • The flags also share spawns with Survival and Blitzkrieg.
  • The drop zones are randomized and are located: at the top of the seats on the right, in the hallway under the seats on the far left end of the hallway, and right in front of the radio antenna.


  • The Bazooka spawns in its normal place as well as two places on the third level up on the seats.

Capture the FlagEdit

  • Both flags can be found in their respective teams base.



  • There's a map on the wall in the Allies' base.
  • One of the statues on the right side of the entryway is still completely intact.
  • The spear from one of the statues can be found sticking out of the ground directly in front of it.
  • You can jump on the wall by the hole nearest the Bazooka.
  • The flag in King of the Hill is mostly located outside of the map. The stand is even floating in mid-air.
  • When the Allies' objective is destroyed in Face to Face, sparks fly out of the radio antenna.


Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Stage Fright Showcase02:55

Digital Exploration-MoH EA-Stage Fright Showcase

MoH-EA-Stage Fright Ambience02:06

MoH-EA-Stage Fright Ambience

MoH-EA-Stage Fright Victories00:26

MoH-EA-Stage Fright Victories

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