The Sturmgewehr 44, also known as the MP44 in some games, is a German selective-fire assault rifle featured in many Medal of Honor games. It's historically the first modern assault rifle design, and was the weapon that coined the term "assault rifle". It is mostly found in the game when the time is 1944-45.

Medal of Honor: UndergroundEdit

The StG-44 makes its first and chronologically the earliest appearance in Underground. It is a fine weapon, with a moderate rate of fire and high damage. It is the very first assault rifle featured in the series. It combines the high accuracy and damage of rifles with the same close quarters abilities as SMGs, is operated by a single soldier, and, as it did in real life, blurs the line between the two weapons types, hence "assault rifle". In the journal before a mission, Ted Aubrick advices Manon to find some intelligence on a "new submachine gun" developed by the Germans.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Spearhead, and Breakthrough Edit

The StG-44 is seen in the last two missions, Die Sturmgewehr and Attack on Fort Schmerzen. It has been referred to as a "killer weapon" in single player hard mode, due to its ability to kill the player almost instantly should two gunmen with this open fire on the player. It is seen by many as more effective than the Browning Automatic Rifle, its Allied counterpart, due to a higher rate of fire, and larger magazine capacity, although at the cost of less power. therefore, it is seen a lot more in multiplayer than the BAR. The weapon would appear in the last missions of the expansion packs, Spearhead and Breakthrough.

Medal of Honor: FrontlineEdit

The StG-44 in this game has a moderate rate of fire and damage. It has slightly lower rate of fire than the Thompson and MP40, but slightly higher than the BAR. It can be used during the missions Rolling Thunder and Needle in a Haystack in the levels Operation Repunzel, Riding Out the Storm and Derailed!.

The remastered version of the game available on PS3 allows the player to aim down the sights for almost all weapons (not mounted machine guns or the Panzerschreck), but the iron sights for the StG-44 are off, causing bullets to hit higher than where the player is aiming; although this isn't much of a problem when aiming at enemies at close to moderate distances, at longer ranges players will find it more accurate firing from the hip. 

Medal of Honor: European AssaultEdit

The StG-44 in this game is fairly rare, as it was in real life, found in only three missions, Climbing Mamayev Hill, Farmhouse Liberation and Operation: Virus House. Still, it is powerful, has a thirty-round magazine, and good accuracy. Its Allied counterpart, the Browning Automatic Rifle, has a noticeably lower rate of fire and magazine size, and is therefore somewhat inferior.

Medal of Honor: Heroes and Heroes 2 Edit

The StG-44 returns in both games. In Heroes the StG-44 often seen carried by Waffen SS Officers and later soldiers in the Belgium campaign. It shares the same model,sounds and stats from European Assault. In Skirmish and Multiplayer it can be choosen as a starting weapon. It is a very powerfull weapon with high magazine capacity compared to the BAR. It has good range and accuarcy and it deals fairly high damage. In Heroes 2 the StG-44 is a rare weapon to find only appears in two levels. The first is the end of the Port level where a lone Wehrmacht soldier carry one and have a low chance that he will drop it and the second time it can be found in the last level. It is adviced to swap the BAR to the StG-44 since it's got a higher magazine capacity and slighty higher rate of fire. In Multiplayer both the BAR and the StG-44 has no longer function as in single-player. They have very slow rate of fire making them semi-auto. 

Medal of Honor: VanguardEdit

The StG-44 returns in Vanguard. It is found in levels Behind Enemy Lines, Scavengers and Crucible. It is infrequently seen in use by Wehrmacht personnel in Neptune, but on Fallschirmjäger paratroopers it is their weapon of choice. It is the same as it was in European Assault retaining its skin, and its power and accuracy. It is seen in the levels Operation Neptune, Operation Market Garden and Operation Varsity, where German Paratroopers are constantly seen in the latter two levels, while Wehrmacht soldiers sometimes appear with it. It is a good weapon for dealing with enemies at medium and close range, as its rate of fire can out-perform the BAR in Operation Neptune.  

Medal of Honor: AirborneEdit

The StG-44 is available for the load out in Medal of Honor: Airborne. It is powerful and fires from a 30-round magazine with a slow rate of fire and high recoil. Its upgrades include the following:

  • Blowback reducer: Reduces recoil
  • Dual magazines: Faster reload
  • ZF Tactical Scope: More zoom, more precise, but unsteady idle sway and no peripheral vision. The scope can be removed and re-attached by pressing the Alt fire button.


  • The StG 44 in Allied Assault and the expansion packs have the rear sight fully elevated to the 600 meter range.
  • The StG 44's title of the world's first assault rifle is disputed by some, who consider the Russian Federov Avtomat M1916, a rather obscure weapon largely forgotten to history, to be the world's first true practical assault rifle according to today's assault rifle criteria.