A squad is a unit of infantry, usually three, who are under command of the player. Squads are found in only a few Medal of Honor games, and are usually controllable by the use of squad commands.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Edit

In Allied Assault, squads are present in a very limited way. They have scripted movements, and are uncontrollable, but pass over between missions.

Medal of Honor: European Assault Edit

In European assault, squads are found in nearly every mission. They generally have the same AI as the enemy soldiers, but are under control of the player to a limited extent. By hitting the L2 button, one can order the squad to a general area, where they will take cover and fight. The L3 button will order the squad to rally on the player.

It is important to note that the squads have no plot armor, and are killable. Their effectiveness is very limited, as they will often disobey orders and follow after the player regardless of the command in effect. They can be healed via the use of the select/use button, which is also the weapon pick-up button. If a player is attempting to pick up a weapon, they might accidentally heal a squadmate if they get too close. Conversely, it can be hard to heal an ally, as they have a tendency to run from the player and the player needs to focus on the ally for a second before the prompt comes up.

Thus, the choice as to healing a squademate or not is dubious; medikits are rare, however, the amount of medikits awarded at the end of a mission depends on the amount of squademates saved.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Edit

In Pacific Assault, the player has command over a set of AI soldiers. Unlike the European Assault version, these soldiers are major characters, and will be seen in all missions.

Also unlike the European Assault squads, their AI is better and their squad commands are more numerous. One can order them into battle, similarly to the same command in EA, one can have them retreat, can get healed/revived by the squad medic, or have them rally.

In addition, a squadmate can be incapacitated if left in the open for too long and exposed to fire. When this happens, the player must carry them to the squad medic in order to get them back into battle.

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