Solomon Showdown
Solomon Showdown Loading Screen
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Axis and Allies
All multiplayer modes.
Type of Combat
Medium to Long Range
The Campaign level Map
In Search Of Yamashita's Gold

Solomon Showdown is a medium-sized mutiplayer map in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. It is loosely based off of the jungle in the campaign mission In Search Of Yamashita's Gold.


This map is set in the Burmese jungle probably on April 26th, 1944 (the same day as the campaign mission). However, there are extreme differences from the campaign that would suggest that it takes place elsewhere and (probably) at a different time. The biggest being the P-40 Warhawk crash site being in a tree instead of on the ground.

This map works very well with the "Sharpshooter" and "Duelist" weapon sets, due to the open spaces and platforms that rise above the jungle floor. However, it works well with all weapon sets.



  • The loading screen is the same one as In Search Of Yamashita's Gold.
  • There is a P-40 Warhawk crashed in a tree on the south side of the map.
  • In the ambience, there is the sound of frogs and birds.
  • This is the second map to take place in Burma. The other being Idol Assault (which is also based on the same mission).


Digital Exploration-MoH-RS-Solomon Showdown Showcase01:40

Digital Exploration-MoH-RS-Solomon Showdown Showcase

Medal of Honor Rising Sun Solomon Showdown03:47

Medal of Honor Rising Sun Solomon Showdown

The music that plays on the map.

MoH-RS-Solomon Showdown Ambience01:16

MoH-RS-Solomon Showdown Ambience

The ambience that plays behind the music.

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