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Introduction Edit

Sneak Into Railstation is a level in Medal of Honor. The purpose of this level is to infiltrate the Railstation to reach the canyon where Greta is stationed. The level is the first level of the second mission. Sneak Into Railstation is quite short for a level, and has been done in 1:15 minutes.

Walkthrough Edit

You are undercover, so don't freak out when you see a Nazi. Before we start, here are some tips to remember about being undercover.

  • Don't run away when someone asks for your papers, as they become hostile if you do that.
  • Some guards will know that you aren't a real Captain. You never know who is smart, so be ready to draw your pistol if anything gets bad.
  • Remember the mission where you had to eliminate Gestapo officers? They are in this mission too, and their papers can be stolen upon death.

So, as soon as you spawn, go down the stairs, take a left, and climb up the ladder. At the end you will see a Gestapo officer standing beside a control panel. (See Glitches down the page for funny ways to mess with this guy) The officer will ask for your papers. Show him your papers, he will accept them. Kill him, pick up his papers, then press "Action" over the control panel to switch the tracks. Jump down and grab the pistol round if you wish. The ladder is in the back of the room if you do jump down. Go back the way you came, then go up the stairs, take a left, and go in the direction you didn't originally head. A Gestapo agent will ask for your papers. If you acquired Ausweis Blau (ID Blue), he will let you in. Then, head forward until you hit a wall. Look left, there will be an open vent. Crouch to get in it, then shoot it when it you get to the end to break it open, and shoot the Gestapo officer in the office. Grab his papers. You now have Ausweis Rot (ID Red). Open the door, then show the Gestapo agent your papers. He will let you in, and you will be in a large room with a passenger car. Flash your papers to all the agents in there, and take a right at the first door. That is the end of the level. You must kill everybody and keep over 75% health to get Excellent rating. There is a First Aid Kit at the end of that train in the last room. Remember, the officers beside doors trigger two machine gunners to come down upon death, and they know what you did.

Glitches Edit

This level has a couple glitches that can make your short experience in this level quite long. The first one is where you get Ausweis Rot. Go up to the Gestapo Officer (the first one you encounter) and show him your papers. Then, go back the way you came, go down the ladder, then go up it again, and he will have dropped his papers without dying. You can pick them up, and if you squeeze around him, you can also switch the tracks. He will not care if you switch the tracks, as the game thinks he is dead, meaning that nobody is around to become hostile upon you switching the tracks (if that makes sense). So, you can complete two of three of your objectives without killing a single enemy. The next glitch is in the vents. Once you reach the end, shoot the vent but quickly change to your papers. The officer will start looking around until he spots you, and he will ask for your papers. He will accept them, and you have to kill him to get his papers. So, you can complete this level by killing only the Kommandant der Bahnhof (Commander of the Railstation. He is likely the commander because he is alone in an office, he is a Gestapo officer, and he drops the highest ranking papers upon death).

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