Skirmish is a game mode in Medal of Honor: Heroes. It is an offline mode that doubles as a secondary multiplayer, with the player facing off against AI-controlled enemies. Up to 16 enemies can be added to the game. Skirmish is a free-for-all mode, meaning that everyone is pitted against one another to kill the most players. You receive points for killing enemies, but lose points when you die. Each map records your three best scores. As the player progresses through Heroes' campaign, he or she can unlock new skins and maps to be played with in Skirmish.  


The maps used in Skirmish are from Heroes' campaign, and some have different environments to make them unique (ie: Rainy, Sunny, Day, Night, etc.). Maps are unlocked after the player beats the mission that it is used on:

The Airfield

Mnt. Village Day

The Beachhead

Mnt. Village Night

Italy City

Netherlands City

Holland Bridge Rain

Netherlands Street

Netherlands Church

Holland Bridge Dusk

Belgium River Night

Belgium Ranch

Belgium River Day

Belgium Forest

Belgium Castle


Just like multiplayer portion of Heroes, the player can choose any weapon they want. Here is the full list:

  • Thompson- American Submachine gun with a 20 round magazine.
  • BAR- American machine gun with a 20 round magazine.
  • M1 Garand- American semi-auto rifle with an 8 round clip.
  • Enfield Rifle- British bolt-action rifle with 10 round clip.
  • Shotgun- American shotgun with 8 shell capacity.
  • M1 Bazooka- American rocket launcher with 1 rocket loaded and 2 spares.
  • MP40- German submachine gun with 32 round magazine.
  • StG44- German Assault Rifle with a 30 round magazine.
  • Karabiner- German bolt action rifle with 5 round clip.
  • Gewehr Rifle- German semi-auto sniper rifle with a 10 round magazine.
  • Panzerschreck- German rocket launcher with 1 rocket loaded and 2 spare.
  • M1911 pistol- American pistol with a 7 round magazine.
  • Lugar pistol- German pistol with a 7 round magazine. It has higher damage but a slower rate of fire than the M1911.

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