Singapore city was a major capital at the southern Malaya, that has been under lmperial Japanese control since 1942. Just before the Invasion of Malaya,the city once is a British headquarter for the defence of the state.The city also live by many races such a Malayan,Chinese,India and British. Singapore was established in 1819 by Stamford Raffles and became part of the British Empire. Singapore has a Chinatown and a mosque and Hindu temple and is home to many Chinese and Indian immigrants. There are two major hotels in Singapore. One is the Raffles Hotel and the other one is the Fullerton Hotel. The Fullerton Hotel was established in 1925 and originally served as a post office. The British Royal Navy had its fleet stationed in Singapore at the time of the Japanese invasion. In 1945, Singapore was handed back to Britain. In 1957 Malaysia gained independence from Britain and in 1965, Singapore became from Malaysia.

This city is featured in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.

Known ResidentEdit

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