Setzer was a member of the 82nd/17th Airborne Division with Boyd Travers. He was first mentioned in Infinite mischief where he and his men were pinned down by German Heer reinforcements. After being relieved by Travers and Wirth he pushed the Germans back and located the sniper team. After killing a German sniper, Travers and him pushed back into the town square and retook control the Mayor's home, killing 3 German officers in the process.

He is heard repeatedly throughout the next few missions but not actually seen until the second half of The Opening, where he alerts Travers of the Panzerschreck teams. Then, in Young Fools, he tells the squad to seek cover before a Nazi Storm Elite massacres most of the squad except for him and Travers.

In Der Flakturm he and Wirth were given the assignment to demolish the tower. When the Germans attacked them he and Wirth escaped through the sewers to the detonator box. Travers discovered Wirth's body, killed by SS and Fallschirmjäger troops, and Setzer half -dead. In his final moments, Setzer killed the two SS men accompanying the Falschirmjägers Wirth killed and tried to reach the fittingly named Hellbox, only to succumb from his wounds inches from the box.

Travers detonated the explosives himself and their objective of destroying the tower was finished.


  • Dane mentions he can't stand Setzer in mission Infinite Mischief.
  • He calls Dane a "lazy bastard", because he didn't lead them here, and instead relaxes at the blown-up AA gun site; and this might be why they hate each other.
  • He and Dane were apparently sergeants, but their ranking insignia shows them as PFCs.
    20170625152447 1

    Setzer's corspe.

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