Sergeant Harrison is a 101st Paratrooper featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He is found together with Private Tomlin, and uses an M1 Garand.


The Nebelwerfer HuntEdit

He is found at the start of the mission with Tomlin by Mike Powell and Ramsey. They go on searching for gun batteries across a destroyed city, held by Nazis. They across the city and found a destroyed church, that points where are the Nebelwerfers 41 that Powell and Ramsey are designed to destroy. They found the Nebelwerfers along with a large camp with 2 bunkers and 4 MG42. They successfully destroy the Nebelwerfers and then complete the mission.


  • Excluding Operation Overlord, he is not found anywhere else in the game
  • If you protect him, he can go on for the entire mission.


Minigun firing

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