Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine is the first level in the mission Scuttling the U-529, the second mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine - Trondheim, Norway
February 12, 1943

It appears that the German navy, the Kriegsmarine, has been creating a highly sensitive radar detector to allow their U-Boats to regain control of the Atlantic. They've codenamed the device, "Naxos." If this device works, it will let their U-Boats dodge our naval radar patrols easily. You'll be inserted near Trondheim, where we believe the prototype is being developed. Major Grillo has been operating undercover as a local German officer since January, and he'll be at the gate to let you into the facility.

Wait for his radio signal, and be ready to snipe the guards from a safe distance. Cover him while he opens the main gate. You'll be bringing in plenty of explosives to destroy the U-529, since Major Grillo cannot procure enough high-explosives on site without arousing suspicion. Once you're in, stay with Grillo and head for the research building. First, steal all documents pertaining to the prototype, then infiltrate the submarine pens.

Major Grillo will be in command. Just follow his lead and everything should work like clockwork.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Enter the complex with the assistance of Major Grillo.
  • Steal the research documents.
  • Enter the main facility.



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  • "The Road to Tobruk" (MoH: Underground soundtrack)