Scuttling the U-529 is the second level in the mission Scuttling the U-529, the second mission of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.


Scuttling the U-529 - Trondheim, Norway
February 12, 1943

It appears that the mission plan has gone awry. You're going to have to go incognito if you're going to have chance of surviving this, Powell. Grab an officer's uniform from a locker room in the submarine facility and stick to speaking German until you're out of there.

Here are the essentials you need to know while operating in disguise:

1. Always show your papers when asked.

2. Don't walk around with a weapon drawn, as it will immediately arouse suspicion.

3.To upgrade to a higher security level, locate a set of officer's papers. You may be forced to eliminate an officer in order to get to them.

4.If all else fails, try to isolate a troublesome officer before eliminating him.

Destroy the Naxos prototype, get into the U-529, plant the explosives in the bow, and find another way out of the pens.

Stanley Hargrove
Colonel, U. S. Army,


  • Find a disguise.
  • Destroy the Naxos Prototype.
  • Enter the 2nd U-boat.
  • Plant the bombs.
  • Escape.
  • Eliminate opposition and escape.
  • Exfiltrate.


Background music Edit

  • "The Uboat" (Parts 1 and 2, MoH soundtrack)
  • "Panzer blockade" (Part 3, MoH: Underground soundtrack)