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Saved By Sacrifice
Previous level The Show
Next level The Opening
Game Medal of Honor: Airborne
Character Private First Class Boyd Travers
Team U.S. Military
Enemy weapons MP-40,

StG-44, Gewehr 43

Place Audouville, France
Date June 6, 1944
Objective Secure Audoueville battery
Enemies Waffen Infantry

Saved By Sacrifice is the third campaign mission in Medal of Honor: Airborne.

Overview Edit

This mission takes place on D-Day; the Allied invasion of Normandy. The map is in an uphill area, with large, grassy fields to the south, a network of trenches in the middle, and a set of bunkers to the north.

Objectives Edit

  • Secure Audouville Battery
  • Collect M18 Bundles
  • Clear and Secure Spotting Tower
  • Destroy Radar Antenna Relay
  • Knock Out Tiger Tank
  • Clear Concrete Casement
  • Clear Pillboxes

Enemies Edit

The enemies found here are largely Waffen infantry and a few European Heer infantry.

Skill drops Edit

  • Near the green flare safe zone here, there are two skill drops in the large houses.
  • In the small ruined house between the spotting tower and the radar antenna.
  • There are another pair of drops near the spotting tower. One of them is near the concrete bunker outside, while the other is a narrow concrete wall near the entrance to the tower.

Weapons Edit

Any weapon previously unlocked will be available for the player. Only two new weapons will be introduced, the StG-44 assault rifle and the M18 Recoiless Rifle, which is mainly for destroying the Tiger tank.


  • At the beginning of the mission, when the C-47's left engine is on fire, one soldier reported what he found to a pilot named Jimmy. This may be a nod to James Patterson from the previous games, who has experience with the plane.

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