Sarajevo Stadium is a multiplayer map featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is set in an abandoned and destroyed stadium at night. It is set in Bosnia's largest city, Sarajevo.==

Team DeathmatchEdit

For Team Deathmatch, players must fight each other inside the stadium itself. The map itself is set into a valley shape, with the stadiums seating area's acting as high points, while the lower part of the stadium, the field, is lower.

The center of the map is littered with debrie, but provides good cover from Snipers and Heavy Gunners.

The two opposite seating areas can be flanked from openings in the stadiums walls.

Objective gamesEdit

In the objective version, players fight in the area outside the statium, with an elevated walkway joining the two sides of the map. There are few buildings that provide good vantage points, so most fighting in in close quaters. The edges of the map are darker than the middle areas, providing visability challenges.


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