The SVT-40 is a Soviet semi-automatic rifle seen in the 1st Allied Assault expansion pack, Spearhead. It is included in the last level of the game, and since then has not been seen at any other point in the Medal of Honor series.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault SpearheadEdit

The SVT-40 is 1 of two rifles given to the player in the last mission in Spearhead. It is a highly powerful weapon, capable of achieving 1-hit kills to the head or Torso, and a shot to the limb will be a 2-hit kill. While it is very powerful, it comes with 2 drawbacks, it has a firecap of 64 rounds per minute, and one disadvantage the other snipers do not suffer as heavily from: Massive recoil. By the time the weapon is ready to fire another bullet, the player's scope will be half-way pointed at the sky. Aside from these problems, it is a solid gun and will serve as a good counter to the German Kar98k and snipers armed with Kar98k snipers.

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