The SV-98 Sniper Rifle featured in Medal of Honor (2010). It is the Level 4 unlock for the Opposing Force's Sniper Class. It has a 5-round magazine and its scope crosshair uses chevrons instead of mil-dots.

It's the equivalent of the M24 for the U.S. Military.

It is one shot kill at the head at any range and every part of the body at close range; Match Ammo, FMJ and Armor Piercing Rounds can increase his damage for shot by long distance ( the Match Ammo increase one shot kill at medium range, FMJ for long range and Armor Piercing Rounds for very long range).


  • The bolt-operation and reloading animations of the weapon are the same as of its counterpart from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is a game developed by DICE, who developed the multiplayer of Medal of Honor (2010).
    • However, the animations in 2010 are much faster compared to the animations in Bad Company 2.


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