Pfc.Rossum Airborne
Appears in Medal of Honor: Airborne
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations 82nd Airborne Division
Status Alive/KIA (Depends on the player's actions)
Death Audoville, France June 6th. 1944. (Possibly)
Weapon Thompson
Private First Class Rossum is a minor character featured in Medal of Honor: Airborne. He is a member of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Biography Edit

Rossum along with Travers and Towne participated in the allied invasion of Normandy. On June 6th Rossum was dropped into Audoville along with others to clear several German bunkers and to secure the beachead. In one of the destroyed bunker he spotted a corspe of a dead SS officer and noted that the Navy got the credit for the kill. Shortly after Waffen SS soldiers opened fire at him and Towne. They managed to find cover amongst the rubble and Rossum told Towne that they need to clear the MG bunkers to aid the Rangers on the beach.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is referenced in one of the bonus cinematics in the Extras menu.