Road to Stalingrad
Mohea loadingroadtostalingrad
The in-game loading screen.
Previous level Operation: V2 Silence
Next level Climbing Mamayev Hill
Game Medal of Honor: European Assault
Character Lieutenant William Holt
Team Soviet Armed Forces
Russian Partisans
Place Near Stalingrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Date 28 January 1943
Objective Destroy the rail gun,
Enemies Heer Infantry
Mohea maproadtostalingrad

Road to Stalingrad is the seventh campaign level featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault.

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On the night of 28 January 1943, Lieutenant William Holt, an American agent with the Office of Strategic Services, has made his way to the outskirts of Stalingrad in the Soviet Union and made contact with elements of the Soviet Armed Forces. Along with Dimitri and his unit, he scouts a German-occupied village and learns of a large rail gun located nearby. Holt splits up from the Soviet troops and advances into the town in order to destroy the rail gun, with the option of making contact with local Russian Partisans for support. Holt must then seize a nearby church and defend it from a German counter-attack. Next, he must locate and kill the German officer Walther Neumann and retrieve a reconnaissance dossier on the Ardennes Forest. Additionally, Holt may also destroy a trio of Panzer IV tanks and sabotage a nearby radio communications tower.

With his objectives complete, Holt continues to make his way deeper into the city of Stalingrad.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy German rail gun (0/3)
  • Destroy ammunition depot (optional)
  • Eliminate Walther Neumann
  • Destroy communications tower (optional)
  • Secure and defend the church
  • Destroy three Panzer IV tanks (optional)
  • Obtain Ardennes Forest recon dossier
  • Locate the Russian Partisan fighters (optional)

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