Captain Richards was an officer who served with the 1st Ranger Battalion during World War II, the leader of the Ranger Rescue Team prior to Operation Torch.


Richards was an Army Officer assigned to the 1st Ranger Battalion, presumably attending the United States Military Academy at West Point before the war to attain his commission, reassigned from his original unit to the Rangers in 1942. Prior to Operation Torch, Richards was detached from the rest of the 1st Ranger Battalion along with six other Rangers, assigned to retrieving Special Air Service Major Jack Grillo and continuing his original mission of destroying an 88mm artillery battery overlooking the Allied landing zones of Oran and Algiers on the northern coast of Algeria. After landing on the Algerian coast undetected, he and his men acquired two Opel Blitz trucks, advancing towards the Arzew center. However, he and his squad were compromised and the second truck was taken out by a Panzershrek at the checkpoint.

His squad moved through the small villa on the outskirts of Arzew, making their way to a courtyard leading into the city true. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by an MG-42 gunner and a Panzershrek team, which resulted in the deaths of the entire squad except for Lt. Powell, who then continued the mission, destroying a German airfield, tank depot, truck depot, 88mm battery and signaled for the beginning of the Allied invasion of Algeria with Jack Grillo. Richards is not mentioned again in the game.

Richards after being killed.


  • Despite being a member of the 1st Ranger Battalion, he anachronistically wears a 2nd Ranger helmet. This occurs to all Rangers.

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